Pinocchio Season 2 is a young and fresh TV series in Korea that aired on 12th November 2014 in Korea and later the series was broadcasted online in China. The series was a huge hit not only in the home country but also in other Asian countries and was praised by viewers from all around the world. As of now, the series has collected 1 billion in the Chinese market.

Korean Tv series are very much liked and loved by fans from all around the world, especially because the drama has everything in it including romance, comedy, friendship, and loads of Family drama and if we want to talk about one such series then, the first name that comes in the minds of the viewers is Pinocchio.

The series was originally written by Park Hye-Ryun and was directed under the direction of Jo Soo-won and Shin Seung-woo. The Tv series is produced under the production banner of iHQ by Park Chang-Yong. Season 1 got a tremendous response from the audience and now they are demanding the next sequel of this series. Now the biggest question is when the new season will release and what will be the storyline of the new season.

The 2014-2015 Korean television series Pinnochio was successful in capturing our hearts. The magic chemistry that Park Shin Hye and Lee Joong Suk portrayed on screen was mesmerizing. Earlier it was a bit tough to get a hold of the drama, but here’s a piece of good news for you.


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Pinocchio Season 2 Release Date

The confirmation of Pinocchio season 2 hasn’t come from the makers yet. The original season of the show aired on 12th November 2014 and went off the air on 15th January 2015. The drama was a huge hit not only in youth Korea but in several other countries as well. With each episode of approximately 1 hr, the drama aired every Wednesday and Thursday on the original network SBS.

Many requests from fans worldwide have already been sent to the production team. To date, many viewers who see the drama for the first time hope for a second season. The renewal of the series hasn’t been finalized yet. so, it is difficult to say or assume anything about the release date. We cannot say anything so properly as we don’t even know whether the show will renew or will be canceled. But if we will get any news further then definitely update this article asap.

Pinocchio Season 2 Cast & Characters

The direction of the show has been done under Jo Soo-Won, with the screenwriting under Park Hye Ryun. The child producer of the show was Choi Moon Seok. In the main lead, Lee Jong Suk was cast for the role of Choi Dal Po. Park Shin Hye has been cast for the role of Choi In Ha.  Kim Young Kwang has been cast as Seo Beom Jo, Lee Yoo Bi as Yoon Yoo Rae, and Jin Kyung as Song Cha Ok. Several other actors and actresses were a part of the show as support actors and in guest roles. Many actors who played a side role in the drama got huge recognition in the future and became successful. Famous actors like Yoon Kyung Sang were also a part of the show.

Profitability And Merchandise

On the completion of the drama, the broadcasting rights were sold in China at the highest amount. Per episode of the drama was shared at a whooping price of $280000. It was the most expensive Korean drama ever to be sold at such a high rate. However, it seems like the Chinese agencies did the right thing in buying the drama broadcasting rights.

Since they further got a huge fan base for the show in their country, with 1 billion viewers watching the drama. Not to mention the drama also won several awards and nominations. The whole team was appreciated greatly for their excellent story and acting.

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Pinocchio Storyline

If we look at the storyline of the previous season, then, the story revolves around the four-character named, Choi In Ha, Choi Dai Po, Yoon Yoo Rae, and Seo Beom Jo. Jae-Myung lost his father and his mother and a younger brother named “Choi In Ha”, took away their life by jumping in the water. His father used to work as a captain in a firefighting squad, and also lost his life while extinguishing the fire in the factory, but he was later, accused by his team members including MSC reporter Song Cha-Ok.

Later, Jae-Myung avenges the death of his father and at last, he found out his younger brother “Choi Dai Po aka Ki Ha-Myung” is alive. Meanwhile, Choi Dai Po has grown up and now he works as a news reporter, whose sole purpose is to find out all the evidence related to the wrong-doings of Song Cha-Ok and to prove the innocence of his father and find his older brother. 


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Pinocchio Season 2 Expected Plot

As per the sources, the storyline of Pinocchio Season 2 will continue from where season 1 of the series ended also, so far the makers have not announced the new sequel of Pinocchio, and the fans are eagerly waiting for it the second season of the TV Show.  if the makers make season 2, it can deal with the life after Choi Dai Po and Choi In Ha’s marriage. With new politics involved in media and brand new cases. After Seo Beom Joo again joins in as a reporter, what new loopholes does he finds in the system? We will keep you updated till then, stay tuned with us.

Pinocchio Season 2 Trailer

Check out the official trailer for ‘Pinocchio’ season 1 below.

Where to Watch Online?

Pinocchio was originally released on the SBS network. The drama is currently streaming on many sites like Viki, Netflix, SBS World, Apple tv, and Kocowa. The drama was immensely famous and is available with more than sixty subtitles on the streaming site Viki. It is also streaming on the international and global platform Netflix. The drama is also popularly known as Pinokio, and the genres of the drama include comedy, romance, melodrama, mystery, and thriller.

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